Naughty Reunion - Something Special In The Brea.


Listen at the conference

I've never been much of a good listener when it comes to conferences and educations and stuff like that. There's always something that steals my focus which is really annoying. But we recently went to a conference in France and it was held in a really beautiful and calm place where you could really focus. It was great! Even I could focus and then you know it's a good place to have a conference. So I'm really hoping we're having more conferences in France when it's time for the next one!


I'm not kidding you, but flexible joints are one of the most valuable things to have when you're older. It's so much better to just live your live the way you were used to, instead of having to struggle with bending, or getting out of bed. I saw many old people having difficulties with those normal day to day activities and I really hope that won't happen to me. I'm trying my best to keep my body in shape, exercise a lot and try to stretch and relax. Hopefully this way my last years of life should stay easy and ...